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Headaches are a common pain condition, but not all headaches are the same. If you have recurring headaches or headaches that cause severe pain, Raafat Iskander, MD, at St. Marys Neurology Clinic Beverly Hills can help. Dr. Iskander is a board-certified neurologist who specializes in diagnosing and treating all types of headaches, including migraines. Call the office in Beverly Hills, California, or schedule an appointment online today.

Headaches Q & A

What are headaches?

Headaches are a type of pain condition. They include any type of pain you feel in and around your head, including your face. The pain may range from mild to severe.

Almost everyone experiences a headache at some point in their life. However, not all headaches are the same, and some types benefit from expert help from neurologists like Dr. Iskander at St. Marys Neurology Clinic Beverly Hills. 

What are the types of headaches?

There are more than 150 types of headaches. Some of the most common types include:

Tension headaches

Tension headaches are the most common type and cause mild to moderate head pain from muscle tension in the skull, neck, or shoulders. These headaches affect both sides of the head and usually resolve with at-home care.

Migraine headaches

Migraines are a neurological disorder that causes a throbbing sensation in one area of the head that may last hours or days. These types of headaches may cause other symptoms like sensitivity to light or nausea. 

Migraines may also cause sensory symptoms, known as auras, such as flashes of light or ringing in the ears. Dr. Iskander specializes in diagnosing and treating migraines. 

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches cause severe pain behind or around the eye. These headaches cause recurring pain up to eight times a day for two or more weeks. 

New daily persistent headaches (NDPH)

NDPH develop suddenly and cause ongoing head pain that lasts three or more months. 

What happens during an evaluation for headaches?

Dr. Iskander specializes in diagnosing and treating all types of headaches. During your visit, he asks detailed questions about your symptoms, including when and where they occur and the type of pain you feel. 

Dr. Iskander performs a physical and a neurological exam and may run diagnostic tests such as a CT scan, MRI, or blood work.

How are headaches treated?

Treatment for your headaches may depend on headache type and the severity and frequency of your pain.

Dr. Iskander works closely with you, designing a plan that provides the most relief from your headaches. Medication may be prescribed based on the type of headaches you experience. 

Additionally, Dr. Iskander may recommend preventive medications for patients who experience frequent headaches.

To schedule a consultation to discuss treatment options for your headaches, call Dr. Iskander or use the online booking feature today.