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    "I been with Dr Iskander for 5 years. Great service. He helped me with my son’s seizures. He stopped them completely."

    Joana F.
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    "I visited Dr. Iskander 6 months ago and he started her on new medication and now she is doing very well. He is very caring Doctor."

    Stacy W.
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    "I am grateful to Dr Iskander. I was suffering from migraines for more than 15 years. Dr. Iskander prescribe me a medication to take every day and my headaches are gone."

    Scarlett S.
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    "Dr Iskander is very caring and takes his time to listen to me and my concerns. The staff is very nice."

    Martha A.
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    "So Grateful to Dr Iskander for always answering my questions and making sure my son is doing good. He goes Above and beyond to make sure he helps us."

    Tina S.
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    "I'm extremely satisfied with Dr. Raafat S. Iskander. He has been very helpful with my son's treatment. Very good Service with them I would definitely recommend it"

    Diana F.
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    "I would like to thank Dr. Iskander for treating me. He is very pleasant and experienced. I trust him and highly recommend him."

    John D.
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    "Dr. Iskander is treating my 2 children with Epilepsy. He is great with children. He is the best of all the Child Neurologist I had seen. I am lucky I found Dr. Iskander"

    Cassidy H.
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    "Dr. Iskander helped me a lot with my condition. He has great fund of knowledge. He diagnosed me from the first visit."

    Vartan D.
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    "Great service, staff always helpful. I brought my son for seizures and he has been doing so much better since he was seen by Dr. Raafat S. Iskander"

    Ana P.
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    "Dr Iskander is a great Neurologist. He is treating my son with Epilepsy He is very respectful and kind He answer all my questions"

    Glady L.
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    "Excellent Neurologist my sister is much better with her Parkinsonism Thanks to Dr Iskander"

    Maria R.


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